Monogram Etiquette

What is a Monogram?

A monogram is a logo or form of identification interweaving someone’s initials. It is often used to give something a personal flourish.

Some of the main features that make up a monogram include the font style, the order of the initials, the size of the letters and whether letters are varied in size or the same.

What Order Do Initials Go in a Monogram?

Monogram order can often be confusing to many people since the letters appear to be out of order. Depending on whether you wish to give a single-letter monogram or a three-letter monogram will determine what letters you should use.

Monogram Styles

Once you know the order of the monogram initials, you will want to determine the monogram style. The main style to consider is whether the letters are all the same size, or whether the centered last name initial is larger than the other two.

Monogram styles for men and women

Monograms for one person, whether they are married or not, use the first letters of their first, middle or maiden and last name. 

Monogram styles for couples with the same last name

Married couples who share their last name follow the traditional monogram rules for three letters, with the order being first name of one partner, shared last name and first name of the other partner.

Monogram styles for couples with the different last names

For marriages in which partners do not change their last name, you may modify the monogram so it is only two initials instead of three.

Two Letter or Four Letter monograms or anything else!

We have you covered and know all of the etiquette rules!